Gör din blogg bättre på 31 dagar

Det är i alla fall vad ProBlogger har som avsikt att hjälpa till med under 31 dagar med start den 1 april.

Each day from 1st April until the 1st May I will make a post here on ProBlogger that is part of the challenge.

Posts will be designed to each have two aspects to them:

  1. A teaching component (theory)
  2. A practical component (a task/homework)

The idea is that often teaching remains in the realm of theory and
doesn’t actually prompt those digesting it to DO something. This
project is more about DOING than learning. I hope you will learn, but
to be honest if you’ve been blogging for a while some of what we’ll
cover many will have heard before – but this project will give you a
framework and hopefully some inspiration to put what you know into

Vi får se hur mycket matnyttigt som kommer ut av deras månadslånga projekt.

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