Inte helt kört för trängselavgifter

Måndagens nej till trängselavgifter på Manhattan, enligt det förslag Michael Bloomberg lobbat hårt för, ser kanske ut att inte vara ett helt tvärsäkert nej.

Det pågår nya förhandlingar om en kompromiss:

"After weeks of outrage and gridlock, Governor Spitzer, Mayor Bloomberg,
and state lawmakers last night were within striking distance of a
large-scale compromise that would breathe a little life into the
mayor’s congestion pricing plan, somewhat tighten the state’s campaign
finance laws, and reward lawmakers with their first pay raise in almost
a decade.

By press time, after 72 hours of high-level talks, no deal had been
announced, but a Spitzer official said the administration was confident
that an agreement would be reached by the end of the night."

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