New Yorks vardagsrum är gatorna och trottoarerna

För att stimulera möjligheterna att cykla sig fram på Manhattan så funderar Janette Sadik-Kahn (New York City’s transportation commissioner) att sommartid införa en bilfri Central Park.

"-I think there’s been a renaissance in cycling," she said, "and I think
you’re seeing that energy come from a lot of the investments that we’ve
made in the city’s bike infrastructure — making it easier for people
to get to where they need to go and connecting the different bike paths
we have in the city to create a strong biking backbone.

Hinting at a broader philosophy of urban space, Sadik-Khan noted that
the success of street space might be measured in terms other than
volume of automobiles moved in a given period. The streets and sidewalks are the living rooms of New York," she said. We have to figure out the best way to utilize those living rooms."



Förbättrade möjligheter att cykla genomförs även i andra delar av New York. Framförallt sker detta i Brooklyn där det bara i år byggs drygt 3 mil cykelbana och ytterligare 2,5 mil nästa år.

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