Så fortsätter du lyssna på Pandora i Sverige

Som många svenska Pandora-lyssnare hört de senaste dagarna kommer den av rättighets skäl att stängas för användare utanför USA och Storbritannien.

Via Lifehacker läser jag om en bloggpost på Franticindustries.com som beskriver hur inbitna Pandorianer ska gå tillväga för att fortsätta lyssna.

De beskriver 8 olika möjligheter:

1. Firefox + anonymous proxy – in Firefox, open
Tools – Options – Advanced – Network – Settings. There you have the
proxy options. Go to one of these sites:

Find some proxies there, enter their details into the proxy options
in Firefox. Don’t worry if the first couple of proxies don’t work; it’s
a trial and error process.

2. Public CGI Proxies
– the easiest method. Randomly chooses a public proxy server; all you
have to do is enter the Pandora.com address and enjoy the melodies.

3. Tor and Privoxy – these two are frequently used together to surf anonymously. Might be a bit complicated for beginners.

4. Metropipe – a set of commercial and free tools for anonymous surfing, including a free Firefox toolbar. Starts at $8.33.

5. Proxify
– just enter Pandora.com, uncheck remove all scripts, and you’re good
to go. Well, in theory; it didn’t work for me; might be just a
temporary glitch.

6. The Cloak
– same as Proxify, enter the address and surf anonymously right away.
And, just like Proxify, it doesn’t work. Again, maybe it starts working
somewhere in the future; you never know with services like this.

7. Cotse – another commercial service, starts at $5.95. Covers much more than just anonymous surfing, though.

8. Anonymizer – another commercial anonymizing package, a bit more expensive.

Om det fungerar? Jag vet inte. Personligen föredrar jag Last.FM…

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