Oemotståndligt länktips

Jag bara måste tipsa om en fantastiskt rolig sida som heter "Overheard in New York".

är exakt vad namnet säger – en ständigt uppdatering av kommentarer och
konversationer som snappas upp överallt på Manhattan och sedan läggs ut
på nätet.

Några exempel från det senaste dygnet:

Hey, lady, you need to slow the fuck down…your dog needs to take a
fuckin’ dump…just look at his swollen-ass asshole! –Times Square
woman on cell: You are a terrible, terrible man. You are a horrible
shit of piece. –60th between Lexington & 3rd
Wife: I’m just
saying say, "excuse me." I ain’t asking you to hold it in or nothing;
it’s a natural part of life. I mean, if you need to let it out, let it
out. I’m just saying say, "excuse me." Have some damn manners. We fart,
we all fart, but just say, "excuse me." –Central Park
      Guy: Is it technically depression if you’re depressed because you can’t date a Gap model?        –Bryant Park
Store guy on cell: Nah, man I can’t go out tonight! I’m broke! I just
paid for an abortion. –Pathmark, Cherry Street
Woman: I really
hate Bush. I can’t stand him. The world would be such a better place if
he just died…But then there’s Cheney… –6 train
      Funeral home guy: Drop dead!…motherfucker…       –Raccuglia Funeral Home, Carroll Gardens