Betala för att lämna Manhattan

Att det föreslagits biltullar på Manhattan presenterade Mayor Michael Bloomberg för ett tag sedan.

Meningen är att det ska kosta $8 att köra in på Manhattan från 86:e gatan och neråt.

Det som inte varit lika klart är det som NYTimes skrev om för någon dag sedan, nämligen att det även ska kosta $8 för de som vill lämna den aktuella zonen.

"But what has not been widely mentioned is a measure that could
startle some Manhattanites: those who live within the zone would have
to pay $8 to drive out.

The congestion pricing program was
devised to cut traffic, chiefly by persuading people from the other
boroughs and beyond to leave their cars behind and take public transit
into Manhattan. But planners say that those who live inside the
congestion pricing zone also contribute to traffic when they drive out,
and should pay their share, too.

That means a man from Greenwich Village who drives to visit his grandmother in Queens would pay the fee.
It might seem that anyone taking a car out of the congestion zone
ought to be rewarded instead of penalized, but officials disagreed.

“We’re not trying to get people to leave the zone in their cars,” said Deputy Mayor Daniel L. Doctoroff, who played a leading role in fashioning the plan. “Overall what we’re trying to do is get people to use their cars less.” "

Hur var det nu R.E.M. sjöng för några år sedan: "Leaving New York never easy…"


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